• Private Health Insurance
  • Military insurance coverage
  • Medicaid
  • Medicare
  • State financed or Low cost Treatment
  • Cash, Credit or Debit card accepted


  • Facility for Adults, Young Adults, Children And Teenagers
  • Men and Women Allowed
  • Bilingual therapists and staff
  • Hearing impaired friendly facility
Last Updated: 01/22/2018 Reviews
What a difference in the approach that Dewey center takes with their cognitive rehabilitation therapy where your synapses are rewired into something absolutely amazing! I had a 12 year addiction to oxy, heroin, subutex, crack, cocaine, clonazepam, xanax and adderall all of which I was shooting into my neck. I needed help severely! I've overdosed 16 times and the last time was hit with 6 doses of narcan and going on the 7th! I was doing almost 4grams a day and had a 1,200 mg a day oxy habit on the days I wasn't shooting heroin! Also everything in between to bring me up and back down and was sniffing 20+ MG's of xanax daily! Never would I have thought that this approach could change how I thought and felt in just under 45 days! I was there at Dewey center longer than anyone else as the normal stay is 10-14 days! Now on Vivitrol injection every 21 days and also take 50mgs of naltrexone which has taken my cravings away and let me live free and now able to concentrate on my recovery now!

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