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- How much does cost? is completely free for individuals/consumers. We only charge sponsors of our 24/7/365 helpline and advertisers of sponored rehab placements. 

- Is owned by a treatment facility?

No. is a privately owned website that is not owned or operated by a treatment center. 

- What is's Privacy Policy?

Our Privacy Policy contains information about how we collect, use and/or share personal information and is outlined here.

- What is's Terms of Use?

Our Terms of Use is a binding contractual agreement between and any users (whether individual users or facilities) of services provided through the website governing the use of such services and website. Our Terms of Use can be found here.

- Where do calls go?

Calls to numbers dedicated to a specific treatment center profiles ('Claimed Listings') will be routed to that treatment center. All other calls are routed to paid sponsors of our 24/7/365 helpline. For a complete list of our paid sponsors and advertisers please click here.

Consumer FAQ:

- How does work in terms of helping me get treatment? is a clearinghouse that helps those looking for treatment facilities for rehab/recovery. We offer information and resources to assist you in making the right choice when it comes to getting addiction treatment. Our goal is to help you be informed, educated, and to help you find the best treatment for you or someone you care about. (i) is not intended as a substitute for medical, professional or financial advice; (ii) should not be construed as the provision of medical, professional advice or recommendations; and (iii) should not be relied upon as the basis for any decision or action, including without limitation the diagnosis or treatment of any health problem or condition, the eligibility for or appropriateness of any benefit or service, or the making of any financial decision.

- How much can I expect to pay for rehab and will insurance cover it?

People struggling with substance abuse and addiction often want to know how much rehab costs. Unfortunately, this can vary widely because the total cost depends on so many variables, including the type of treatment offered, the timeframe for treatment, the relative level of the facility in terms of amenities, food, staff-to-patient ratio, etc. With treatment advances and a greater number of facility options coming available in the past few decades, rehab is generally more affordable than it used to be in the past. Please be aware that many facilities accept insurance and even if you are not covered in full, you may be eligible for partial coverage. A rehab/recovery facility may also be willing to provide flexible payment options including installment or sliding scale payments.

- What is the typical length of time for a rehab program?

Generally, residential rehab treatment facilities will offer programs running between 30 days and 90 days. Programs that are shorter or longer than this are available but most programs will fall within that range.

Treatment Owner FAQ:

- How do I create a profile for my facility?

To start the process, simply email us at to verify your facility.

- Where do you get the information you have on different facilities?

We get material from a number of trustworthy public databases, as well as directly from treatment facilities. 

- If something is wrong on my facility's profile page, how do I correct it?

To fix factual information, please email us at

- What distinguishes a Claimed Listing from a Unclaimed Listing?

Unclaimed Listings are those created by Unclaimed Listings are comprised of basic facility information (address, contact information, basic description, public youtube/vimeo videos, etc.).

Claimed Listings may be registered free of charge by authorized persons of facility operators. Facility operators have the ability to customize Claimed Listings. Often, our 24/7/365 helpline is changed to a call-tracking number of the facility owners choosing on Claimed Listings.

- How do I take my facility profile down?

We don't remove any listings of treatment centers from the site. Under Fair Use laws we maintain the right to reprint accurate information on publicly listed facilities. We encourage all rehab/recovery service providers to claim listings and update content free of charge.

- Don't you have to, by law, remove a listing if a rehab facility requests it?

If a rehab/recovery services provider does not want that content associated with its listing, then it should claim the listing and change the content accordingly. There are a number of policies, regulations, statues, and laws that protect our ability to disclose and distribute information available publicly, as well as to publish user-generated reviews and reports. These include trademark law, Anti-SLAPP (Strategic Lawsuit Against Public Participation) statutes and policies, and 47 US Code §230


- Who can I talk to if I have more questions?

If you're having an emergency or considering suicide, whether medical, psychiatric, or otherwise, please call 911 immediately.

For all other questions, whether related to partnerships, press, legal matters, or otherwise, email us at

More about can be found here.


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Last Modified: May 21, 2018

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Terms of Use

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