• Private Health Insurance
  • Cash, Credit or Debit card accepted


  • Men and Women Allowed
  • Facility for Adults and Young Adults
  • Bilingual therapists and staff
Last Updated: 01/22/2018 Reviews
Be very careful when entering into an agreement or signing a contract with this unethical organization. They know your loved one\family member and family are in a desperate situation and they use that to their advantage. Be wary of entering into a 30 day contract. They will pressure you and tell you its standard practice. Don't fall for it. Insist on a daily or weekly contract -- or better yet find another more ethical treatment facility.
Outrageous costs and paperwork involved. Unethical staff trying to 'upsell' you on all kinds of extra treatments. More interested in sales than treating people. Their website makes them out to be cutting edge, but the place is a dump in a bad area. And they seem to prey on the fact your and your family is desperate to make money. I tried contacting managers their for 2 weeks to get cash on account back and a refund for the days not used and never even got the courtesy of a call back from any manager. Also, overly reliant on religion. This is a church, not a professional treatment facility in my opinion.

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