• State Accreditation: 51884


  • Monthly Fee: $45,000.00
  • Private Health Insurance
  • Cash, Credit or Debit card accepted


  • Men and Women Allowed
  • Facility for Adults and Young Adults
  • LGBTQ Outstanding programs available
  • Dedicated programs for postpartum women
  • Special programs for patients with HIV or AIDS
  • Programs for active duty military seeking for mental health help
Last Updated: 04/06/2018 Reviews
Journey Malibu was a great rehab in most senses. The facilities and accommodations while there are top notch.The food was amazing, and the staff was pretty good as well…. BUT, it all ends there: Now with that said, the Business aspect of Journey is the most unprofessional and incompetent company I have ever worked with in my life. I was rushing to get admitted, and we paid in full up front, and were going to bill insurance while then and when completed. Long story short, they billed insurance incorrectly and did not provide medical records for majority of claims, so the rest were denied. I have been attempting to get my medical records for 12 months to bill insurance myself, and have made countless phone calls, emails, and letter, and nothing. Going to lodge a complaint with the medical board.

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