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Last Updated: 03/22/2018 Reviews
My daughter was using heroin and did not believe in going to a rehab center due to the fact that you meet more addicts and this is where she said you get more hook ups for drugs. It has been a year now since she went to MDS for the rapid detox. This detox was very hard on her body, she had extreme anxiety and blurred vision. It takes a year to get your emotions back together. Depression is a big part of detox. They sent her home with to many drugs after her detox. They had several and a schedule when to give them I was not comfortable with this. She did get off heroin but then thought she needed other drugs to feel normal after the experience. This program needs follow up with their patients and counseling program so people can handle their emotions. The implant was very hard for her. She could not eat with the implant. This could have been a better experience if she skipped the implant and stuck to taking the Vivatrol pills. She still has some memory issues.

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