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People Inc. is located in Tahlequah, Oklahoma. People Inc. provides quality community based, habilitative and rehabilitative services to individuals in need through counseling, education and advocacy.

People Inc. Focus:

Opiate Addiction

Opiate Addiction Treatment Centers specialize in supporting those recovering from opioid addiction. They treat those suffering from addiction to illegal opioids like heroin, as well as prescription drugs like oxycodone. These centers typically combine both physical as well as mental and emotional support to help stop addiction. Physical support often includes medical detox and subsequent medical support (including medication), and mental support includes in-depth therapy to address the underlying causes of addiction.


The goal of treatment for alcoholism is abstinence. Those with poor social support, poor motivation, or psychiatric disorders tend to relapse within a few years of treatment. For these people, success is measured by longer periods of abstinence, reduced use of alcohol, better health, and improved social functioning. Recovery and Maintenance are usually based on 12 step programs and AA meetings.

Mental Health and Substance Abuse

A combined mental health and substance abuse treatment center has the staff and resources available to handle individuals with both mental health and substance abuse issues. It can be challenging to determine where a specific symptom stems from (a mental health issue or an issue related to substance abuse), so mental health and substance abuse professionals are helpful in detangling symptoms and keeping treatment on track.

Dual Diagnosis/Co-Occurring Disorders Treatment

Many of those suffering from addiction also suffer from mental or emotional illnesses like schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, depression, or anxiety disorders. Rehab and other substance abuse facilities treating those with a dual diagnosis or co-occurring disorder administer psychiatric treatment to address the person’s mental health issue in addition to drug and alcohol rehabilitation.

What does People Inc. offer?

Outpatient (OP)

Outpatient programs are for those seeking mental rehab or drug rehab, but who also stay at home every night. The main difference between outpatient treatment (OP) and intensive outpatient treatment (IOP) lies in the amount of hours the patient spends at the facility. Most of the time an outpatient program is designed for someone who has completed an inpatient stay and is looking to continue their growth in recovery. Outpatient is not meant to be the starting point, it is commonly referred to as aftercare.

Treatment Types:

Individualized Treatment

Certain drug and alcohol rehab centers have standard treatment regimes they expect all patients to follow. Others offer individualized treatment, meaning they tailor treatment to a person’s specific background and needs. For example, a rehab facility may adjust a treatment program to take into account the type of drug or addiction from which the person suffers, their age, medical condition(s), religious beliefs, or lifestyle.

Family Program

Research clearly demonstrates that recovery is far more successful and sustainable when loved ones like family members participate in rehab and substance abuse treatment. Genetic factors may be at play when it comes to drug and alcohol addiction, as well as mental health issues. Family dynamics often play a critical role in addiction triggers, and if properly educated, family members can be a strong source of support when it comes to rehabilitation.

Aftercare Support

Completing a drug or alcohol rehab program shouldn’t spell the end of substance abuse treatment. Aftercare involves making a sustainable plan for recovery, including ongoing support. This can include sober living arrangements like halfway houses, career counseling, and setting a patient up with community  programs like Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) or Narcotics Anonymous (NA).

Therapies Offered:

Individual Therapy

There are a number of forms of emotional distress. But no matter what form it takes, it impacts our ability to positively interact with those around us and can have a negative effect on our ability to make sound decisions. Counseling can bring relief from the pain, improve how we interact with others, and strengthen our relationships with those we love.

Group Therapy

For some individuals, choosing group therapy can be just as beneficial as choosing an individual therapy program. In fact, there are many benefits gained from group therapy that are simply not available with individual therapy programs. Whether you’re dealing with family or marital issues, performance and social anxiety, substance abuse, domestic violence, depression, eating disorders, or a number of other behavioral health issues, group therapy sessions may be the perfect fit for finding success in overcoming these challenges.

Experiential Therapy

Experiential therapy is a form of therapy in which clients are encouraged to surface and work through subconscious issues by engaging in real-time experiences. Experiential therapy departs from traditional “talk therapy” by involving the body, and having clients engage in activities, movements, and physical and emotional expression. This can involve role-play or using props (which can include other people). Experiential therapy can help people process trauma, memories, and emotion quickly, deeply, and in a lasting fashion, leading to substantial and impactful healing.

Life Skills

Life skills trainings involve all the skills a person must have in order to function successfully in the world. These include time management, career guidance, money management, and effective communication. Truly successful addiction recovery is based on the ability to not only live substance-free, but to thrive. Life skills teaches the practical necessities of functioning in society, which sets clients up for success in life, and therefore sobriety.

People Inc. Highlights:

Services provided by People Inc. include counseling (which is free for anyone under the age of 18), first offender services, ropes courses and other adventure-based programs, educational services, and parenting class. People Inc is a member of the OAYS, certified by ODMHSAS, as well as CARF accredited.
As one of Oklahoma’s forty Youth Services organizations, they provide services to populations under the age of 18, with a special interest in Prevention strategies. People Inc. provides extensive outpatient counseling services to youth in area schools. They serve every school in Sequoyah County, and several in Adair and Cherokee counties. Parenting Education is provided in arranged group settings and through their First Time Offenders Program, which is conducted as part of their cooperation with the Office of Juvenile Affairs.
Senior Services of People Inc. is committed to building strong families and communities throughout Oklahoma. People Inc provides behavioral health services to the elderly and disabled. Their services are provided by behavioral health professionals licensed with the State of Oklahoma and can include therapeutic services for those experiencing clinical depression, drug or alcohol addictions, grief related to loss of a spouse or other family member, as well as anxiety related to functional impairment. These services can be provided in the privacy of the individual’s home or in a group setting.
People Incorporated has collaborated with the Sequoyah County Drug Court which is a specialty court dedicated to supervised rehabilitation of non-violent drug offenders, offered as an alternative to prison. Within a cooperative courtroom atmosphere, the judge heads a team of court staff, attorneys, probation officers, substance abuse evaluators, and treatment professionals all working together to support and monitor a participant’s recovery. Together, they maintain a critical balance of authority, supervision, support, and encouragement. People Incorporated has highly trained clinicians who provide individual and group therapy and rehab services to assist consumers in maintaining sobriety and lead successful lives.


  • CARF


  • Sliding Fee Scale
  • Medicaid may cover part or all of your addiction treatment costs.
  • Medicare rehab coverage
  • State financed or Low cost Treatment
  • Cash payments accepted

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  • Facility for Adults, Young Adults, Children And Teenagers
  • Men and Women Allowed
  • Hearing impaired friendly facility