• Private Health Insurance
  • Military insurance coverage
  • Medicaid
  • Medicare
  • State financed or Low cost Treatment
  • Cash, Credit or Debit card accepted


  • Facility for Adults and Young Adults
  • Smoking permitted in designated areas
  • Hearing impaired friendly facility
  • Special programs for patients with HIV or AIDS
Last Updated: 01/22/2018 Reviews
I have had three experiences with close family members admitted here. My dad was the first one in 2014. I noticed a major decline in his mental status I had POA. I have a mentally ill brother that was locking the family out of my dads house and refused to let home health or hospice in to care for my elderly dad. My dad was being kept in a filthy environment and not being cared for. I placed him here to get help for him. The staff refused to communicate with me (hiding behind HIPPA) and discharged my dad back to my mentally ill brother. He took him to a lawyer and dropped my POA and became his POA. I later found out my dad had a brain tumor and that was why he was declining. I ended up spending $8000 to lawyers to get my dad out of a bad environment. It took me over a year in court to get an Interdiction. He had been laying in urine and feces to the point the ER Dr. wanted to know who to arrest for his condition. Dr. G. and her staff failed my dad and later my brother on two admits.
I found that some of the personnel were without compassion and left me with the impression that I was just another sucker. The "Head" doctor gave me the impression that she thought of herself as a "god", She changed medication without consulting the patient or his/her family. As a veteran, she tried to tell me that she had the authority to change my medication as she seen fit without consulting with my doctor. Personally, I think she is in the business of bilking the government for whatever she can. I say this, because in my intake when we were discussing my medication, she told me I was taking to much of one kind of medicine and that she was lowering the dosage. I told her that a Medical doctor from the VA subscribed the dosage and that I wanted her to leave my medication alone. She left the medicine mg alone but changed the type of medicine. The place is run like a prison only worse. I should know as I am a retired Correctional Officer.

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