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We strongly believe that many state-run/non-profit centers can be just as effective as luxury facilities. As part of our commitment to transparency, we ensure that all facilities have a chance to present their programs, despite size or marketing budget. is completely free for individuals/consumers. We only charge paid sponors of our 24/7/365 helpline and advertisers of sponsored rehab placements:

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ALLY Recovery Group, Inc. (844) 937-2559
Arrow Passage Recovery, LLC (844) 347-0543
Behavioral Wellness & Recovery, LLC (800) 683-4457
California Prime Recovery, LLC (844) 349-0077
Clearbrook Treatment Center, Inc. (877) 792-0902
Delphi Behavioral Health Group, LLC (844) 899-5777
Sprout Health, LLC (844) 567-2672
Elevations Health, LLC (866) 200-3224
His House & New Creation, LLC (888) 681-4598
Insight Psychology & Addiction, Inc. (888) 256-2201
Niznik Behavioral Health, Inc. (855) 850-1853
Palm Beach Recovery Group, LLC (888) 414-7282
Sunspire Health, LLC (877) 200-4357
United Recovery Project, LLC (888) 699-9395
US Addiction, Inc.  (877) 822-7413
USR Holdings, LLC (877) 957-6237
Windstone Addiction Center, Inc. (866) 811-3656
Windward Way Recovery, LLC (844) 252-5930

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