• Cash, Credit or Debit card accepted


  • LGBTQ Outstanding programs available
  • Facility for Children And Teenagers
  • Treatment for Men
  • Special programs for patients with HIV or AIDS
Last Updated: 04/22/2018 Reviews
Horrible place. You are cooped up all day or working, they treat you like a complete child control everything that is yours and you have very little freedom. First off the city is shit absolutely nothing to do besides go to a gym, no fishing go carting absolutely nothing. They take your money as they did to me and never gave it back. Its 9-12 months then sent to a three quater house which is owned by the staff so all a scam. They lie and minipulate your parents and make everything seem as bad as possible its all about the money here they truly dont give a fuck about you. I left after a couple of months and all they tried to do is tell my parents if i left id die, i SMOKE WEED. Place is overall unbelievable no chance to actually grow and better your life your just stuck in the same shit all day everyday very sad place.

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