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Ethical Solutions

We exist for those who strive: for those suffering with addiction, for their loved ones and for the programs looking to help. 

Our research into the behavior of those seeking help and our uncompromising commitment to ethics and transparency have given way to - a platform focused on connecting those seeking help with licensed providers that can help. 

Our core values are community, transparency and neutrality. We are committed to visibility of all licensed facilities, no matter their size or budget. 

An Industry at a Crossroads 

Over the years, fraud, corruption, and unethical marketing tactics have plagued the rehab industry, cultivating feelings of uncertainty and distrust. 

There are now far too many skeptical treatment seekers overlooking viable treatment options. 


Finding the right treatment for addiction should be seamless -- not confusing or complicated. We aspire to make the process clear, straightforward, and painless.

Ultimately, we envision a world in which the stigma of addiction is eliminated, care is ubiquitous and accessible, and the dignity of  is possible for anyone who aspires to it.


Melanie Curtin, Content Director
Melanie holds a master’s degree from Stanford and has worked in the communications department for several startups, including Uber. 

Brady Fox, Business Analyst
Brady is a driven digital marketing leader with a growing record of delivering measurable impact for clients across multiple industries.

Dr. Jesse Hanson, Advisor 
Founder of Helix Healthcare Group. Interventionist on A&E’s Intervention.

Dan Hirschfeld, Advisor
CEO of Great Expressions. Co-Founder of Bill Me Later. Bill Me Later was acquired by PayPal for $1 billion in 2008.

Shelly Lombardo, Advisor 
Chief Operating Officer of Evergreen Advisors. Chairman of the board of directors at Maryland’s ETC.

Patrick Nagle, Founder and CEO
Patrick is a Baltimore native and 19-year startup/internet venture veteran. His businesses have reached over 500 million people worldwide, and continue to expand.

Kyle Rice, Co-Founder and Business Development
Following graduation from the McDonogh School, Kyle, at the age of 19, helped grow Rice Energy into one of the world’s most successful companies.

Ryan Rice, Advisor
Co-Founder Rice Energy. Rice Energy was acquired by EQT Corporation for $8.2 billion in 2017.

Luis Silva, CTO
Luis is an experience technical leader that has been growing teams across the globe and delivering projects for blue chip companies for over 15 years. 

Sandip Singh, Designer
Sandip has 12 years of experience in both web design and user experience. 

Emerson Spartz, Advisor
Emerson is one of the world's leading experts on internet virality. Spartz was named to both Forbes' and Inc Magazine's "30 Under 30" lists

Daniel Velez, Co-Founder and Operations Officer
With a strong background in finance, team-building and Big Data, Daniel is the powerhouse behind the data-packed structure of 

Peter Watson-Wailes, Marketing Director
14 years experience in both strategic and tactical sides of all areas of digital marketing.


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