• Cash, Credit or Debit card accepted


  • Facility for Adults and Young Adults
  • Treatment Duration: 28-30 days
  • Treatment for Women
  • Smoking is not allowed during the treatment
Last Updated: 03/19/2018 Reviews
Who ever does the training of employees there need to train them when you call and ask a question you get different answers was told wife could call after 24 hrs haven’t heard so called and now they say with in the first 48 wth haven’t heard from her I 3 days and called last week gave her name they told me she wasn’t there called to say to see if she made it there safe they told me the couldn’t tell me they need to get there crap together you wouldn’t like your love one some where and not know if they made it there safe or not was told last week after 7 days she can go back to work today they told me 10 days so get your act together and no one will ever read this they should have there own site maybe I just need to contact TDCJ
Can not find info on how long till we are allowed to see them and how to pay for phone calls when called lady on phone acted very rude then transferred me to head of place didn’t answer left message and they never returned call. Tried to find out how wife will get to unit from bus stop wouldn’t tell me so don’t know if she has to walk call a cab or if someone will be there to give her ride. I hope everything goes good for her there and she completes and gets out of that place. How come there is no info about what it cost how much phone calls are how to pay for them when you get to see and spend time with Love one when she gets to go back to work so this site sucks and so does the clover house for not giving out info to loved ones