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Daily Fee: $143.00
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Assessments, court-ordered treatment, urinalysis and outpatient counseling are additional services offered to those waiting to come into treatment, or who want to try a new path of addressing substance use. These services are offered to anyone seeking counseling without a stay at the facility. They will work closely with the individual, as well as any family members, or legal officials, that the client may request to be involved.


Galilee House is a 12-bed residential treatment facility located in the seaside town of Narragansett. Work is a major emphasis of the program. Residents are required to find a job within three weeks of admission. Their treatment program is based on the 12-step principles of recovery. They utilize evidence based therapy as well as other proven clinical methods. Residents are required to attend community based self-help groups, participate in individual and group counseling, join in weekly activity therapy and perform household chores. The program is open to any male over the age of 18.

Individualized Treatment:

Their experienced, compassionate counselors work to develop a treatment plan tailored to each individual's needs. Everyone's recovery journey is unique and faces unique challenges, and it is vital not to have to face the journey alone. Their counselors will work with each individual to develop an understanding of their addiction and to accept responsibility for their own recovery. It is their mission to empower, support and facilitate the individual's steps towards achieving their own unique path to recovery.


12-step programs are addiction recovery models based on Alcoholics Anonymous (AA). A number of substance abuse programs (including some drug and alcohol rehab centers) use the 12 steps as a basis for treatment. Beginning steps involve admitting powerlessness over the addiction and creating a spiritual basis for recovery. Middle steps including making direct amends to those who've been hurt by the addiction, and the final step is to assist others in addiction recovery in the same way. 12-Step offshoots including Narcotics Anonymous (NA), Cocaine Anonymous (CA), Dual Recovery Anonymous (DRA), Sex and Love Addicts Anonymous (SLAA) and Gamblers Anonymous (GA).

Sober Living Homes:

Galilee Mission also offers a transitional sober housing. Captain Tom House is a transitional sober housing facility for up to six men. Residents accepted into the Captain Tom House have completed significant residential substance abuse treatment and have a minimum of six months sobriety or clean time. While living in the Captain Tom House residents are required to maintain full time employment and pay a weekly program fee. Active participation in AA/NA is also part of the program, and there are many AA/NA support groups in the local area. Outpatient counseling and group sessions are also available to residents.

Treatment Focus:

Substance Abuse:

Substance rehabs focus on helping individuals recover from substance abuse, including alcohol and drug addiction (both illegal and prescription drugs). They often include the opportunity to engage in both individual as well as group therapy.


The goal of treatment for alcoholism is abstinence. Those with poor social support, poor motivation, or psychiatric disorders tend to relapse within a few years of treatment. For these people, success is measured by longer periods of abstinence, reduced use of alcohol, better health, and improved social functioning. Recovery and Maintenance are usually based on 12 step programs and AA meetings.

Therapy Programs:

Family Therapy:

Research clearly demonstrates that recovery is far more successful and sustainable when loved ones like family members participate in rehab and substance abuse treatment. Genetic factors may be at play when it comes to drug and alcohol addiction, as well as mental health issues. Family dynamics often play a critical role in addiction triggers, and if properly educated, family members can be a strong source of support when it comes to rehabilitation.

Individual Therapy:

In individual therapy, a patient meets one-on-one with a trained psychologist or counselor. Therapy is a pivotal part of effective substance abuse treatment, as it often covers root causes of addiction, including challenges faced by the patient in their social, family, and work/school life.

Group Therapy:

Group therapy is any therapeutic work that happens in a group (not one-on-one). There are a number of different group therapy modalities, including support groups, experiential therapy, psycho-education, and more. Group therapy involves treatment as well as processing interaction between group members.

Life Skills:

Life skills trainings involve all the skills a person must have in order to function successfully in the world. These include time management, career guidance, money management, and effective communication. Truly successful addiction recovery is based on the ability to not only live substance-free, but to thrive. Life skills teaches the practical necessities of functioning in society, which sets clients up for success in life, and therefore sobriety.
Last Updated: 01/22/2018

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